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What happens à Sète stays à Sète

What happens à Sète stays à Sète

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This is the last baby from the What happens collection...

What is the "what happens collection" ? It is a tote bag that reminds us of good times .. wether its a bar, a place, a city ... don't forget that what happens THERE stays THERE and in our hearts.

The What happens in Sète stays in Sète is special because it was produced with a lot of care in Jaipur. The inner linen is hand made block prints, the inner pocket is handewsn embrodieries "Jeannette delajungle loves Paula Beldi" ... because this back can be bought online OR at the beautiful show room in Sète rue Pierre Sémard Paula Beldi.

The front print is also block print ... and the piping is disco !! YEAH

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